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الحلقة الثالثة حصري ولاول مره سلسله #الغزالة ريما - قصص مترجمة عربي انجليزي - قصة ريما تأكل كثيرا

ريما تنظر الى نفسها في المرآه انها رشيقه واليوم سترتدي اجمل ثيابها لان خالتها غزل وبناتها سيزورونها 

حضرت الخاله ورحبت بها ريما وامها لكن فتنه وفاتن بناتها كانت سخيفتين لقد ضحكتا من ريما وقالتا كم انت نحيفه 

عندما خرجت ريما الى الحديقه للعب مع بنات خالتها لاحظت تقلل حركتهما وقالت فاتن ياريما ان شكل جسدك سيء كيف ترضين لنفسك هذا ؟ 

قررت ريما في الايام التاليه ان تاكل وتاكل انها لا تريد ان تظل نحيفه ولاحظت الام ان ريما تاكل كل شيء امامها العسل الفاكهه البطاطس 

نبهت الام ريما الى خطأ ما تفعله وقالت الاسراف في الاكل خطأ وجسدك الرشيق افضل لك لا يجب ان نصدق كل ما يقال لنا 

فرحت ريما عندما وقفت على الميزان لقد زاد وزنها الان لن تسخر منى فاتن ولا فتنه 

خرجت ريما في غرور لزياره فاتن وفتنه ولمحها الذئب كم هى غزاله سمينه 

طارد الذئب ريما واندهشت ريما انها لا تقوى على الجري مثل ما كانت تفعل كل هذا بسبب زيادة وزنها 

ريما تجري لكن الذئب كاد يلحق بها لولا ام قذفته ام ريما بحجر ضخم فابتعد جريحا قالت ريما في دهشه امى كيف جئت ؟ 

قالت الام كنت قلقه عليك فتابعتك قالت ريما انا مخطئه ياامي كان على عدم الاسراف في الطعام 

لقد اصبحت غير قادره على الجري انا اسفه لن اصدق الا الكلام الصحيح

Rima looks at herself in the mirror that she is graceful and today she will wear her most beautiful clothes because her aunt Ghazal and her daughters will visit her
The aunt came and Rima and her mother welcomed her, but the charm of her daughters was ridiculous. They laughed at Rima and said how thin you are.
When Rima went out to the garden to play with her cousins, she noticed that their movement decreased, and Faten Yarema said that your body shape is bad, how do you satisfy yourself with this?
In the following days, Rima decided to eat and eat, as she did not want to remain skinny, and the mother noticed that Rima was eating everything in front of her, honey, fruit, potatoes.
The mother alerted Rima to the error of what she was doing and said: Excessive eating is a mistake, and your slim body is better for you. We should not believe everything we are told.
Rima was happy when she stood on the scale, she has gained weight now, she will not make fun of me, charming or seductive
Rima went out in arrogance to visit a charming and seductive woman and the wolf saw her how fat deer she is
The wolf chased Rima, and Rima was surprised that she could not run like she was doing all this because of her increased weight.
Rima ran, but the wolf almost caught up with her, had it not been for Rima's mother, Rima's mother, who threw a huge stone, and he walked away wounded. Rima said to her astonishment: My mother, how did you come?
The mother said, I was worried about you, so I followed you
I'm no longer able to run I'm sorry I can only believe the right words

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