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قصص اطفال جديدة - قصة سيقان رهوان

 قصص اطفال جديدة - قصة سيقان رهوان 

يحكى ان 

كان الحصان رهوان مشهورا بين حيوانات الغابة بطول سيقانه وجمالها وقوتها التى كانت تساعده على الجري بسرعة فائقه فلا يسبقه اى حصان في الغابة 

وكان رهوان طيب القلب خدوما يساعد الحيوانات في قضاء حواجهم وتلبيه طلباتهم وذات ليلة شعر رهوان ببعض الارهاق والتعب 

دخل رهوان بيته ومدد جسده على الارض فنام حتى الصباح فلما استيقظ اراد ان يقف لكنه لم يستطع فحاول مرة ثانية وثالثة ولكن دون جدوى 

فوجيء رهوان انه فقد سيقانه فجأة دون ان يعرف السبب ولم يدر ماذا حدث وراح يتذكر قوة سيقانه التى كانت تجرى هنا وهناك 

جلس رهوان حزينا لا يدري ماذا يفعل وراح يفكر : كيف سيحصل على طعامه ؟ وكيف سيساعد الحيوانات الضعيفة التى تحتاج الى العون والمساعدة ؟؟

حيوانات الغابة لم تر رهوان في ذلك اليوم انه لم يخرج من بيته ! لقد كان رهوان يخرج من بيته قبل شروق الشمس ، فماذا حدث؟ تساءلت الحيوانات فيما بينها 

كان الغزال الكبير اعز اصدقاء رهوان فقال للحيوانات : هيا بنا نذهب الى بيت رهوان كى نطمئن عليه ؟ فلما وصلوا فوجئوا ان رهوان غير قادر على الوقوف 

اسرع الغزال الى بيت الطبيب ميمون وكان القرد ميمون طبيبا ماهرا وكان يحب رهوان بسبب سلوكياته الطيبة مع الحيوانات فحمل حقيبته وسار مع الغزال 

وصل الطبيب ميمون وكشف على رهوان فوجده قد اصيب بشلل نصفي فكتب له بعض الادوية وطلب من الجميع ان يدعوا له بالشفاء 

قامت الحيوانات ببناء مقعد خاص لرهوان امام بيته ليجلس عليه ، حتى لا يعيش داخل بيته وحيدا فيصاب بالاكتئاب وكانوا يأتون له بالطعام والشراب 

ذات يوم كان رهوان على مقعده فسمع صوت رصاص ووجد الحيوانات تجري خائفه وراى الجحش الصغير يحمل الغزال الكبير جريحا ويتجه لبيت الطبيب ميمون 

بدا الجحش الصغير متعبا وهو ينوء بهذا الحمل ولكنه كان شجاعا وصبورا واخذ رهوان يتابع المنظر وقلبه يدق خوفا على الجحش والغزال من السقوط 

بدأ الغزال الجريح يميل عن ظهر الجحش الصغير بالتدريج فاخذ قلب رهوان يدق ويدق لقد امتلأ قلبه بالرقة والخوف على هذين الصديقين 

ولما كاد الغزال الجريح ان يهوى عن ظهر الجحش الضعيف كان رهوان قد ركز كل ما في داخله من عواطف الرحمة والمحبة وهو يتابع المنظر 

لم يتمالك رهوان نفسه ووجد نفسه يقوم مسرعا ويحمل الغزال المجروح على ظهره ويجري به ، فرحت الحيوانات بسلامه سيقان رهوان الذي شفي بحمد الله تعالى 

It is said that
The horse was a famous pawn among the jungle animals, with the length of its legs, its beauty and its strength that helped it run at high speed so that no horse in the forest would precede it.

He was a kind-hearted pawn, servants who helped animals meet their needs and fulfill their requests, and one night, Rahwan felt some exhaustion and tiredness.

Rahwan entered his house and stretched his body on the ground and slept until the morning. When he woke up, he wanted to stand, but he could not, so he tried a second and third time, but to no avail

Rahwan was surprised that he suddenly lost his legs without knowing the reason and did not know what had happened, and he began to remember the strength of his legs that were running here and there.

Rahwan sat sad, not knowing what to do, and thought: How will he get his food? How will it help weak animals that need help and assistance ??
The jungle animals did not see Rahwan that day, because he had not left his house! Rahwan was leaving his house before sunrise, so what happened? The animals wondered among themselves

The big deer was Rahwan's best friend, so he said to the animals: Let's go to Rahwan's house so we can check on him? When they arrived, they were surprised that Rahwan was unable to stand

The deer rushed to the doctor’s house, Maymoun, and the monkey, Memon, was a skilled doctor. He loved a pawn because of his kind behavior with animals. So he carried his bag and walked with the deer.

Doctor Maymoun arrived and revealed a mortgage, and he found that he was paraplegic, so he wrote some medicine for him and asked everyone to pray for him to heal

The animals built a special seat for Rawan in front of his house to sit on, so that he would not live inside his house alone and become depressed and they used to bring him food and drink

One day, a pawn was on his seat, and he heard the sound of bullets and found the animals running in fear, and he saw the little colt carrying the big deer wounded and heading to the doctor's house, Maymoun.

The little colt seemed tired while he was carrying this lamb, but he was courageous and patient, and he took a pawn watching the scene with his heart beating for fear of the colt and the deer from falling

The wounded deer began to tilt from the back of the little colt gradually, so Rahwan's heart began beating and pounding, his heart was filled with tenderness and fear for these two friends

When the wounded deer was about to fall from the back of the weak colt, a pawn had concentrated all the emotions of mercy and love within him as he watched the scene.

Rahwan did not control himself and found himself getting up quickly and carrying the wounded deer on his back and running with it. The animals rejoiced in his safety, the legs of Rahwan, who was healed by the grace of God Almighty.

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