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حكايات وقصص - قصة عثمان والعجوز

 حكايات وقصص 

قصة عثمان والعجوز 

يحكى ان 

بابا هيحكى حكاية فيها عبره وايه عن رحمة الانسان ومساعدة الغير ومن علامات الايمان الصدقة وفعل الخير 

يحكى ويقول : كان ولد اسمه عثمان محبوب من كل الناس ومعروف عنه الاحساس ودائما يساعد الغير ونشيط في عمل الخير 

يذاكر اولا باول ودائما ناجح والاول ويسمع الكلام ويعشق النظام ، لا يخاصم يوما اصحابه ويسأل عنهم لو غابوا 

وفي يوم قابل عجوزا وهو ينادى من يمسك بيده ، صعب على عثمان غريب عن المكان وفقير طالب احسان

عثمان امسك يده وعرف منه العنوان عثمان فكر في وسيلة تكون رقيقة وجميلة ، يساعد بها العجوز لكى يكسب ويفوز 

عثمان دعا اصحابه في المدرسة واحبابه وحكى عن العجوز وعن مرضه وعن احواله وقال : نجمع من المصروف ونعمل فيه معروف

اقرأ ايضاقصة ايه والقطة

واشتروا جلبابا وقفطانا وذهبوا الى العنوان وطرقوا على الباب وانتظروا الجواب وبعد وقت قليل خرج عجوز فقير 

عثمان سلم عليه وانحنى قبل يديه وقد له الهدايا وطلب منه الدعاء ، بكى العجوز وقال : شكرا ياابطال استجاب دعائي من غير ذل السؤال

Baba will tell a story in which he has learned and what about human mercy and helping others. Among the signs of faith is charity and doing good

He tells and says: A boy named Othman was loved by all people, known for his feeling, and always helped others and was active in doing good

Powell studies first and is always successful and first and hears words and loves the system, never quarrels with his friends and asks about them if they are absent

On the day he met an old man while calling for someone who was holding his hand, he was difficult for Othman, a stranger to the place and a poor person, who demanded charity

Othman held his hand and knew the title Othman from him. Think of a way that would be thin and beautiful, with which he would help the old man to win and win.

Othman called his friends at school and his loved ones, and he talked about the old woman, about his illness and his conditions, and said: We collect from the money and we work with it.

They bought robes and a caftan, and went to the address, knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. After a short time, a poor old woman came out.

Uthman greeted him and bowed before his hands, presented gifts to him and asked him to pray. The old man cried and said: Thank you, heroes. My prayer was answered without the humiliation of the question.

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