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قصص اطفال - قصة ايه والقطة

 قصص اطفال جديدة 

قصة ايه والقطة 

يحكى ان 

بنت جميلة اسمها ايه لها معى احلى حكاية من يومها حنونه وطيبة ومن كل اصحابها قربة تزور المرضى منهم ودائما تصلح بينهم 

رأت يوما الولد بسام يمسك قطة مع عصام واحد ماسك القطة بيده والثاني يضرب بحزام وقفت ايه وقالت : لا تقبلوا منى كلمه حق 

ربنا كرم  الانسان ورفعه في اعلى مكان ليس لكى يؤذى الحيوان ، الرحمة اجمل ما فينا ولنا قدوة في الهادي نبينا 

حكى لنا عن رجل كان ماشي في صحراء وكان ظمآن نزل وشرب من بئر ماء ، ورأى كلبا سيموت عطشان ، نزل البئر ومعه خفه وسقى الكلب بأمان 

قلب عصام حن ولان وبسام قال : لقد اخطأت اخذت ايه القطة معها وذهبت بها الى البيت ووفرت لها الطعام سمكا ولحما والبانا 

وبعد يومين قولوا ثلاثة مشت القطة تاتا تاتا وكل يوم تستيقظ باكرا فرحانة وبسرعة تجرى وتلعب في الحديقة وايضا قابلت قطة صديقة 

ايه رأت قطة كبيرة واقفة بعيدا وعليها الحيرة وقطة ايه ترد عليها نونو نونو  والدموع في عينيها جرت الام عليها بسرعه فأخذت الصغيرة بالاحضان 

تمسح على رأسها ورجليها كل املها كيف ترضيها ؟ بعد فراق وغياب اسبوع ربنا قدر لك رجوع

It is said that
A beautiful girl whose name is her. She has with me the best story of her day, affectionate and kind, and from all her friends a family that visits the sick among them and always reconciles them

One day she saw the boy Bassam holding a cat with Essam, one holding the cat in his hand and the second hitting a belt with which she stood and said: Do not accept Mina, a word of truth

Our Lord has honored man and raised him in the highest place in order not to harm the animal, mercy is the most beautiful thing in us, and we have an example in the Pacific, our Prophet

He told us about a man who was walking in the desert, and he was thirsty, and he went down and drank from a well of water, and he saw a dog that was going to die of thirst.

The heart of Issam Han, Lan and Bassam said: I made a mistake. I took the cat with her and went with her to the house and provided her with food, fish, meat and dana

After two days, say, "Three, the cat walked Tata Tata, and every day she woke up early, happy and quickly ran and played in the garden and also met a friendly cat."

What did she see a big cat standing far away with perplexity and a cat responding to her, Nuno Nunu, with tears in her eyes, the mother ran over her quickly, so she took the little one with an embrace

She wipes all her hope on her head and feet, how can she please her? After parting and absence of a week, our Lord has determined for you to return

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