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قصه جاري العزيز - قصص تربوية The story of my dear neighbor - educational stories

 قصه جاري العزيز - قصص تربوية The story of my dear neighbor - educational stories

دخلت الام حجره اسامه فوجدته مشغولا باعداد زينه عيد ميلاده قالت الام ساخرج من اجل شراء بعض متطلبات حفل عيد الميلاد وساعود سريعا لان اصدقائك على وشك الوصول

وبعد انصراف الام شغل اسامه اغاني عيد الميلاد وبعد فتره وجيزه وحضر عامر جاره وطلب منه ان يخفض صوت المسجل لان والده مريض واتجه اسامه الى المسجل ليخفض صوته 

وجلس اسامه يفكر ويحدث نفسه قائلا وكيف نقيم الحفل ووالد عامر مريض وعند عوده امه من الخارج اخبرها اسامه عن زياره عامر وطلبه تخفيض صوت المسجل لان والده مريض فماذا فعل ؟

قلت له الام فكر بنفسك وستصل الى التصرف الصحيح وتركته وانصرفت وبعد لحظات ذهب اسامه الى امه وقال لها لن اقيم حفل عيد الميلاد لانه لا يصح ان نزعج جارنا وهو مريض 

نظرت الام الى اسامه في اعجاب وقالت احسنت يااسامه لان ما قلته الان هو حق من حقوق الجار علينا وهو ايضا من اداب التعامل مع الجار

وتوافد اصدقاء اسامه الى البيت للاحتفال بعيد ميلاده استقبلهم اسامه بالترحاب ووزع عليهم الحلوى واعتذر لهم عن اقامه الحفل لان جاره مريض 

صادف وجود عامر الذي كان عائدا الى شقته ورأى اصدقاء اسامه ينصرفون فساله قائلا الن تحتفل بعيد ميلادك؟قال اساامه ان الحفل سوف يسبب لوالدك الازعاج وهو مريض شكر عامر جاره اسامه 

وفي المساء ذهب اسامه مع والدته لزياره والد عامر ورحب بهم الجميع قال والد عامر انت نعم الجار وسيكون حفل عيد ميلادك هنا في منزلي بعد ضفائي ان شاء الله فرح اسامه وشكره وتمنى له الشفاء العاجل

The mother entered Osama’s room and found him busy preparing his birthday decorations. The mother said, “I will go out to buy some supplies for the birthday party, and I will return quickly because your friends are about to arrive.”

After the mother left, Osama played Christmas songs, and after a short while, Amer, his neighbor, came and asked him to lower the volume of the tape recorder because his father was sick, and Osama went to the tape recorder to lower his voice.

Osama sat thinking and talking to himself, saying: How can we hold the party when Amer’s father is sick? When his mother returned from abroad, Osama told her about Amer’s visit and his request to lower the volume of the recorder because his father was sick, so what did he do?

I told him, “Mother, think for yourself and you will reach the right course of action.” She left him and left. After a few moments, Osama went to his mother and told her, “I will not hold a Christmas party because it is not right for us to disturb our neighbor while he is sick.”

The mother looked at Osama in admiration and said, “Well done, Osama, because what you said now is one of the rights of the neighbor over us, and it is also part of the etiquette of dealing with the neighbor.”

Osama's friends came to the house to celebrate his birthday. Osama welcomed them, distributed sweets to them, and apologized to them for not holding the party because his neighbor was sick.

He happened to be there with Amer, who was returning to his apartment and saw Osama’s friends leaving. He asked him, “Aren’t you going to celebrate your birthday?” Osama said that the party will cause inconvenience to your father, who is sick. Amer thanked his neighbor, Osama.

In the evening, Osama went with his mother to visit Amer’s father, and everyone welcomed them. Amer’s father said, “You are the best neighbor, and your birthday party will be here in my house after my guest house. God willing, Osama was happy, thanked him, and wished him a speedy recovery.”

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