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كركور والعش المهجور - قصص اطفال جديدة

كركور والعش المهجور - قصص اطفال جديدة 

خرجت الام من العش في الصباح الباكر كي تبحث عن طعام لاولادها الصغار واثناء بحثها عن طعام هبت ريح شديدة باردة ، فخافت العصفورة على اولادها الصغار 

اسرعت الام الى العش فوجدته قد تطاير بفعل الريح الشديدة ووجدت اولادها الصغار خائفين فالهواء شديد والعش قد تطاير ولم يبق منه شيء يحتمون به من البرد الشديد

احتضنت الام اولادها الصغار حتى هدأت الريح وامرت اولادها الكبار ان يجتهدوا في جمع القش كى يبنوا عشا جديدا يعيشون فيه 

طار كركور وخلفه اخوته كى يجمعوا القش هبط كركور فوق شجرة عالية وتلفت يمينا ويسارا فلم يجد قشا فاراد ان يطير الى مكان اخر ولكنه سمع صوتا ضعيفا يأتى من خلفه 

نظر كركور خلفه فراى عصفورا صغيرا في عش مهجور فطار اليه فوجده جريحا يتألم من جرحه وعرف ان امه واخوته هجروا العش بعد الهواء الشديد وهو لم يستطع الطيران لانه جريح 

حاول كركور علاج العصفور فلم يستطع فحمله فوق ظهره وطار به نحو العش كى تساعده امه في علاج العصفور الصغير وكانت الام قد قلقت لان كركور لم يرجع واخوته جميعا قد رجعوا وبنوا العش الجديد فطارت تبحث عنه 

فوجدت كركور متجها نحو العش وفوق ظهره عصفور صغير فساعدته في حمله وذهبوا جميعا الى العش وعرفت من كركور قصه العصفور الصغير فشكرته على فعله العظيم 

عالجت الام العصفور الصغير وظل مع كركور واخوته حتى شفي تماما وشكر العصفور الصغير كركور وامه واخوته على الاعمال العظيمة التى قدموها له ثم طار يبحث عن امه واخوته 

Karkur and the Abandoned Nest - New Children's Stories

The mother came out of the nest in the early morning to search for food for her young children. While she was looking for food, a strong cold wind blew, so the bird was afraid for her young children.

The mother rushed to the nest and found it had been blown away by the strong wind, and she found her young children frightened, for the air was very strong and the nest was blown away, and there was nothing left of it to take shelter in from the severe cold

The mother held her little children until the wind calmed down and ordered her older children to work hard to gather straw so that they could build a new nest in which to live.

Karkur flew and his brothers followed him to collect straw Karkur landed on a high tree and turned right and left, he did not find straw, so he wanted to fly to another place, but he heard a weak sound coming from behind him

Karkur looked behind him and saw a small bird in an abandoned nest, so he flew to him and found him wounded and in pain from his wound, and he knew that his mother and his brothers had left the nest after the intense air, and he could not fly because he was wounded.

Karkur tried to treat the bird, but he could not, so he carried him on his back and flew to the nest so that his mother would help him treat the little bird. The mother was worried because Karkur did not return and all his brothers returned and built the new nest, so she went looking for him

I found Karkur heading towards the nest with a small bird on his back, so I helped him carry him and they all went to the nest and I knew from Karkur the story of the little bird, so I thanked him for his great action.

The mother treated the little bird and stayed with Karkur and his brothers until he recovered completely. He thanked the little bird Karkur, his mother and his brothers for the great works they had given him, then he flew looking for his mother and brothers

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