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قصص اطفال - قصة عصام والخلان

قصص اطفال قبل النوم 

قصة عصام والخلان 

يحكى ان

بيحكى احلى كلام عن ولد اسمه عصام كان تلميذا شاطرا يوميا لابد ان يذاكر وكل شيء بحساب والوقت مع الاصحاب 

يلعب ساعه في اليوم ولا يلتفت للوم كل الصحاب عاتبوه وعنهم ابعدوه يلعبون بالساعات ولا وقت للواجبات 

اقرأ ايضاقصة سمير والعصافير

ضحك ولعب على طول شيء صعب غير معقول ورفضوا كلام عصام : ان الحياه بنظام ، وعصام دائما يذاكر ويراجع بانتظام

وجاء الامتحان وعصام سعيد فرحان اسئله كلها معروفة وسهله ومألوفة جاوب بخط جميل بعد الجهد الطويل 

صاحبه ينادى عليه كلمه منه ترضيه وعصام لا يسأل فيه يقول له : كلمة ياصاحبي غارق ومن ينجيه لكن يقين عصام ان الغش حرام 

وثانى يوم يااحباب كان امتحان حساب وفي لجنة الامتحان الغش ظهر وبان لما مراقب اللجنه امسك صاحبه بكتاب طرده من اللجان ومحضر غش كمان 

وبعد ايام قليلة جاءت البشرى الجميلة عصام مع الناجحين واصحابه من الراسبين بعد سهر الليالي فرحان والفرح غالى

ونادى عليه الاب وقال له بكل حب: لكل وقت اذان ووقت اللعب الان غدا تذهب الى النادى وكل الاهل زاروه وعلى النجاح هنوه

It is said that

He tells the best things about a boy named Essam, who was a student who shared a day, he must study and everything is calculated and the time is with his friends

He plays an hour a day and does not heed the blame of all the companions, blame him and for them, keep him away, play for hours and no time for duties

He laughed and played along something difficult and unreasonable and rejected Essam's words: that life is orderly, Essam always studies and reviews regularly

The exam came and Issam Saeed Farhan, all of his questions were well-known, easy and familiar. He answered in a beautiful handwriting after a long effort

His owner calls him a word that pleases him, and Issam does not ask about it. He says to him: A word, my friend is drowning, and whoever delivers him, but Essam is certain that cheating is forbidden

And the second day, dear friends, was an account exam, and in the cheating examination committee there appeared, and when the committee’s observer grabbed his owner a letter of his expulsion from the committees and the record of cheating violin

A few days later, the good news of Issam came with the successful and his companions among those who had failed, after the nights of joyful and joyful nights.

The father called for him and said to him with love: For every time the call to prayer and the time for playing, now, tomorrow you go to the club, and all the family visited him, and for success they are happy 

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