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قصص - قصة سمير والعصافير

 قصص اطفال جميلة 

قصة سمير والعصافير 

يحكى ان 

بابا بيحكى لنا بعد الصلاة عن نبينا عن ولد اسمه سمير طيب وقلبه كبير كان بيحب العصافير ويوميا يقف يراقبها وهى تأكل وتطير 

كان حلمه الكبير قفصا فيه عصافير وكان شرط الام  بالمدرسة يهتم قال لها هذا وعدى وانا عند عهدى 

وافقت الام لسمير واشترت له العصافير بداخل قفص كبير يقدم لها لحبوب ويملاء لها كوب ويجلس بجوارها ويمسك ريشها ويحب تغريدها

لكنه نسى الوعد وتمادى في الاهمال ويوميا في المدرسة ما يجاوب على سؤال يفكر في العصافير وترتيبه كان الاخير 

يقوم من النوم متأخرا وعلى المدرسة يتأخر وبدأ ترتيبه يتحول من بعد ما كان الاول وبدا عليه الاهمال 

وفي يوم من الايام نادت الام عليه وفجأة وجد امتحان الشهر امامه وبين عينيه ، وسألته الام هل درجاته ترضيه؟

بكى وقال : ياحياتي فرصه واحده اعطيني وعد هذاكر ليلاتي وسأنجح في الامتحان واول ما عمل سمير اطلق صراح العصافير 

وذهب للام وقال : رجوعى للماضى محال واعترف لها سمير لا وقت للتأخير سأذاكر من الان قبل فوات الاوان

Dad tells us after praying about our Prophet about a boy named Samir Tayyib, with a big heart. He loved birds and every day he stood watching them eat and fly

His big dream was a cage with birds, and the condition of the school mother was concerned. He told her this is my promise, and I am in my age

The mother agreed to Samir and bought him birds inside a large cage, presenting her with grains, filling her with a cup, and sitting next to her and holding her feathers and liking her song

But he forgot the promise and persisted in neglect, and every day in school he answered a question that thought about birds, and his arrangement was the last

He gets up late and at school late, and his order began to change after what was the first, and he seemed to be neglected

One day, the mother called for him, and suddenly he found the month’s exam in front of him and between his eyes, and the mother asked him whether his grades would satisfy him?

He cried and said: My life, one chance. Give me a promise. This is my night, and I will pass the exam. And the first thing Samir did, released the birds.

And he went to the mother and said: Going back to the past is impossible, and Samir confessed to her, there is no time to delay. I will study from now before it is too late

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