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قصص - قصة سرحان والكنز

 قصة سرحان والكنز 

يحكى ان 
شهمان رجل عجوز يعيش في قرية صغيرة بمفرده في بيته الكبير بعدما ماتت زوجته ولم يكن له اولاد ، اخذ ينظر شهمان الى جدران بيته الكبير بحزن ويقول في نفسه : الى من اترك بيتي واموالى بعد وفاتي ؟ 

ثم طرأت الى ذهنه فكرة ، في الصباح اخبر شهمان اهالى قريته انه جمع امواله في صندوق ودفنه في وسط الحقول فمن يجده فهو له

اسرع الفلاحون الى حقولهم واخذوا يحفرون في كل مكان املا في ان يجدوا الكنز المدفون وبينما كان شهمان العجوز جالسا امام بيته مر امامه سرحان بثيابه الممزقة ذاهبا الى حقله

فناداه شهمان وساله : لماذا لا تبحث عن الكنز المدفون ياسرحان كما فعل باقي الفلاحين ؟

فقال سرحان : ولماذا ابحث عن الكنز وانا امتلك كنزا لا مثيل له ؟ 
قال العجوز متعجبا : انت تملك كنزا ياسرحان !!!

قال سرحان : نعم انا املك الرضا الذي يملاء قلبي ولا يوجد في باطن الارض ، ابتسم شهمان العجوز وقال : اغناك الله بفضل رضاك ياسرحان وفي الليل تسلل شهمان

 العجوز الى بيت سرحان حاملا صندوق يمد به يده الى سرحان قائلا : هذا هو الكنز هذا هو مالى فلا وجود لاى كنز مدفون ياسرحان

وانما هذه حيلة منى لاعرف من اكثر اهالى القرية قناعة ورضا لاعطيه مالى ، فقال سرحان : شكرا لك ياعم شهمان

فقال شهمان : بل اشكر الله ياسرحان فهو الذي جعل عديم الرضا يبحث دون جدوى وجعل الخير يأتي الى الراضي حتى باب بيته 

It is said that
Shahman is an old man who lives in a small village alone in his 

big house, after his wife died and he had no children. He started looking at the walls of his big house with sadness and said to himself: To whom should I leave my house and money after my death?

Then an idea came to his mind. In the morning, Shahman told the people of his village that he had collected his money in a box and buried it in the middle of the fields.

The peasants hurried to their fields and began digging everywhere, hoping to find the buried treasure. While the old Chehman was sitting in front of his house, Sarhan passed by in front of him in his torn clothes, going to his field.

Shahman called to him and asked him: Why don't you search for the buried treasure Yasharhan, as the rest of the peasants did?
Sarhan said: Why am I looking for a treasure that I have a treasure like no other?

The old man said astonishingly: You own a treasure, Sirhan !!!
Sarhan said: Yes, I have the satisfaction that fills my heart and is not found in the ground. The old Shahman smiled and said: May God enrich you thanks to your satisfaction Yasarhan, and at night,

 the old Shahman sneaked into Sarhan’s house carrying a box with which he extended his hand to Sarhan, saying: This is the treasure. This is my money. The presence of any buried treasure Yasarhan

Rather, this is Mona's trick, so I know one of the people of the village who is most convinced and satisfied to give him my money. Sarhan said: Thank you, Oh, Shahman.

Shahman said: Rather, I thank God Yasirhan, for he is the one who made an unsatisfied person search in vain and made goodness come to the satisfied right up to the door of his house.

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