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😉قصة ضحكة وعبرة😍A story of a laugh and a lessonقصص اطفال قبل النوم

 قصص اطفال جديدة 2020

😉قصة ضحكة وعبرة😍


يحكى أن 

استيقظ القط مشمش من نومه مبكرا في بهجة وسعادة شديدة اخيرا سمح له ابوه بالذهاب لصيد الفئران بمفرده، لم تمر ساعه فقط على ذهابه حتى عاد وقد بدا عليه الخوف والهلع الشديد وعندما سأله ابوه عن ما اصابه 

أجابه بصوت متقطع لقد رأيت وحشا كبيرا يتبعني ياابي بخطوات هادئه ودون اي صوت وعندما فررت للنجاه بنفسي جرى ورائي وكاد ان يلحق بي لولا ان وصلت في الوقت المناسب ، هيا ياابي لكى تصرعه حتى استطيع الخروج مجددا 

فأحنى الاب رأسه ثم قال بصوت هاديء : ليس بمقدرتي انا ومعشر القطط جميعا ان نصرفه عنك ياولدي ، انت فقط من يستيطع ذلك ، اخرج غدا واهجم عليه على الفور حينما تراه يتبعك مره اخرى 

وفي اليوم التالى خرج القط مشمش مرة ثانية يترقب قدوم ذلك الوحش وعندما ظهر الوحش مجددا شعر القط بالخوف والهلع مرة اخرى وكاد ان يفر كما فعل بالامس الا انه تذكر قول ابيه له فوقف وتوجه نحو الوحش بعدوء وحظر شديد 

وبينما هو يستعد للهجوم عليه وبدأ اول خطوة فإذا بالوحش يرجع للراء فتشجع القط مشمس اكثر وانطلق خلف الوحش في شجاعه وبعد مطاردة طويلة اختفي الوحش بين الاشجار وعاد القط واخبر ابيه بما حدث وظل يرقص ويقفز سعيدا 

وفجأة وقف القط ساكنا في مكانه ثم سأل ابيه وقال : كيف لهذا الوحش ان يعيش بيننا وبين البشر ياابي ؟ اليس مكانه في الغابات ؟ فأجابه ابوه : انه يعيش في كل مكان وزمان يابني فزادت دهشه القط مشمش وقال ابوه : اجل يابني 

انه الخوف ذلك هو الوحش الذي يشبه ظلك تماما لذلك اذا هربت منه طاردك اما اذا طاردته انت هرب هو منك وعندئذ قال القط لابيه : اتعني ياابي ... وهنا قال ابوه : اجل يابني ما كان ذلك وحشا بل انه ظلك 

وهنا سكت القط للحظات ثم انطلق ضاحكا بشدة وقال لابيه : ان ما حدث لى قصه تملؤها الضحكة ياابي فقال ابوه : بل تملؤها الضحكة والعبرة ايضا 

New children's stories 2020

A story of a laugh and a lesson

The cat, Apricot, woke up early in great joy and happiness. Finally, his father allowed him to go to catch mice alone, not only an hour had passed since he went until he returned and he appeared very fearful and terrified when his father asked him about what had happened

He answered him in an intermittent voice, I saw a big beast following me, my father, with quiet steps and without any sound, and when I fled to escape by myself, he ran after me and almost caught up with me had I not arrived at the right time. Come on, my dear, to kill him so that I can get out again.

So the father bowed his head and then said in a calm voice: It is not my ability for me and all the cats to distract him from you, my child, you are the only one who can. Go out tomorrow and attack him immediately when you see him follow you again

And on the next day the cat went out apricot again waiting for the arrival of that monster, and when the monster appeared again, the cat felt fear and panic again and almost fled as he did yesterday, but he remembered his father's saying to him and stood up and headed towards the beast with aggression and severe prohibition

And while he was preparing to attack him and started his first step, the monster turned back, and the cat was encouraged by more sunny ones, and he set off behind the beast in his guts, and after a long chase, the monster disappeared among the trees and the cat returned and told his father what had happened and kept dancing and jumping happy

Suddenly the cat stood still, then asked his father and said: How can this monster live between us and humans, Father? Is it not his place in the forests? His father answered him: He lives in every place and time, Japanese, so the cat became more amazed, and his father said: Yes, son.

It is fear, that is the beast that looks exactly like your shadow, so if you run away from it, it chases you. But if you chased it, it will run away from you, and then the cat said to its father: Do you mean, daddy ... and here his father said: Yes, son, that was not a beast, but rather your shadow

And here the cat was silent for a while, then he started laughing loudly and said to his father: What happened to me is a story that is filled with laughter, oh my father.

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