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الثعلب والأسد المغرور The fox and the cocky lion (5) قصص اطفال قبل النوم

يوميات الأسد شديد

الحلقة الخامسة 

الثعلب والأسد المغرور 

ذهب الثعلب ليشهد بكل ما رآه في الجريمة فقالوا له : ان الرحمة في قلبك عديمة فلماذا لم تشهد من وقتها ليذهب الم ام الحمار وحزنها فأخبرهم بخوفه من الملك بعد تلك الشهادة فأخبروه بحمايتهم له حتى نهاية التحقيق 

سأل القاضي النمر ام الحمار : هل كان بينك وبين الملك اى خلاف حتى يكون لك من الاعداء ؟ فأجابته ام الحمار : ليس بيننا وبينه اى عداء ونحن نعامل كل الحيوانات باخلاص وولاء 

قال القاضي الدب للثعلب : عليك ان تعرف ان هذا الاتهام خطير وخاصه : انه يخص ملكا شريرا وبرغم انه لا يوجد غير شهادتك فأنا احميك لامانتك ولكن ان كنت تكذب في اتهامك الخطير سيكون لك سوء المصير 

وكان الملك مندور مازال يجلس في بيته حزينا على موت ولده ، واستأذنت في الدخول عليه بعض الحيوانات وقالوا له : نأسف يامولانا على الحضور وابنك من الاموات 

ولكن للضرورة احكام ، فقد طلب القضاه حضورك لامر هام غضب الملك مندور وظلت عيناه بينهم تدور واخفى في نفسه الحزن والالم والشرور وقال لهم : ماذا تقولون الا تدرون مع من تتكلمون ؟ اخرجوا من هنا فورا قبل ان ...

وقطع الملك حديثه مفكرا لابد ان اكون على الحيوانات مسيطرا ، ولن يحدث ذلك الا بعد ان اظهر لهم اننى متواضع وايضا للقضاء خاضع ، وذهب معهم الملك مندور وظلت عيناه في ساحه القضاء تدور ، ثم وقف امام القضاه ووسط الحضور 

وبعد ان واجهوه بالاتهام ، القي على الثعلب نظره غدر وانتقام ثم وجه كلامه الى القضاه الحكام وقال : برغم انى ملك الغابه بكل ما فيها ولكنى اقف امامكم الان تتهموني بقتل الحمار ومن يتهمني ؟ انه الثعلب المكار

فهل يوجد ضدى اى دليل ؟ فقال الثعلب وقد زاده الموقف جرأه : انت الذي ارتكبت الجريمة ياسيدي الملك رأيتك بعيني ولا استطيع ان اجاملك 

Leo Diary is severe

Fifth episode

The fox and the cocky lion

The fox went to testify about everything he had seen in the crime, so they said to him: That mercy is in your heart useless, so why did you not testify at that time so that the donkey’s pain and grief go away?

The judge asked the tiger or the donkey: Was there any disagreement between you and the king so that you would have one of the enemies? The mother of the donkey answered him: There is no hostility between us and him, and we treat all animals with sincerity and loyalty

The judge said the bear to the fox: You have to know that this accusation is dangerous and especially: it concerns an evil king, and although there is nothing but your testimony, I protect you for your integrity, but if you lie about your serious accusation, you will have a bad fate.

King Mandour was still sitting in his house mourning the death of his son, and she asked for permission to enter some animals over him and they told him: We are sorry for coming, and your son is from the dead

However, judgments are necessary, as the judges requested your presence for an important matter, the king’s anger, and his eyes kept turning between them, and he hid in himself grief, pain and evils, and said to them: What do you say do you not know with whom you speak? Get out of here immediately before I ...

The king interrupted his speech thinking that I must be in control of the animals, and this will not happen until after he showed them that I am humble and also subject to the judiciary, and the king went with them and his eyes remained in the court yard turning, then he stood before the judges and in the midst of the audience

After they confronted him with accusations, he cast his eyes on the fox of treachery and revenge. Then he directed his words to the ruling judges and said: Although I am the king of the forest with everything in it, I am standing in front of you now accusing me of killing the donkey and who accuses me? It's the wily fox

Is there any evidence against me? Then the fox said, and the situation increased his boldness: You who committed the crime, my lord the king, I saw you with my own eyes and I cannot compliment you

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