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حصان ذيله طويل وشكله جميل A horse with a long tail and a beautiful shape قصص اطفال قبل النوم

يوميات سارة في الارياف

حصان ذيله طويل وشكله جميل                    

نظرت سارة الى الحظيرة وراقبت الحيوانات والطيور الكثيرة فرأت حيوانا كبيرا ذيله طويل وشكله جميل 

فقالت للعم وهدان : اريد ان اركب هذا الحمار فقال لهم العم وهدان : انه حصان ياسارة 

معروف عنه القوة والمهارة واوصانا سيدنا عمر بن الخطاب في وصية وخطاب علموا اولادكم السباحة والرماية وركوب الخيل 

وكان في القدم يحمل الجنود والعتاد فهو قوي وماهر وباليل ساهر 

فعلى من يمتطيه ان يسترضيه فهو مميز في صفاته والصبر من سماته كله هدوء وكله امان ولا يخاف منه الصبيان 

صوته يسمى صهيل مميز جميل يسير بالساعات في خلقه آيات 

حمل ساره العم وهدان واجلسها فوق الحصان 

وكلما سار الحصان خطوات علت سارة بالضحكات وهى تشير لهم بثبات 

Sarah looked at the barn and watched the many animals and birds and saw a large animal with a long tail and a beautiful shape.

Then she said to Uncle Wahdan: I want to ride this donkey, so Uncle Wahdan said to them: It is a horse, Sarah

He is known for his strength and skill, and our master Omar bin Al-Khattab instructed us in a will and speech to teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding

He was in the foot carrying soldiers and equipment, and he is strong and skilled, and he was watchful

The one who rides him must appease him, for he is distinguished in his qualities and patience. One of his features is all calm and safe, and boys are not afraid of him

His voice is called a beautiful distinctive neighing that walks for hours in his creation, verses

Uncle Sarah carried Wahdan and sat her on the horse

As the horse walked in steps, Sarah raised laughter as she steadily pointed at them 

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