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قصة انقذوني The story saved me قصص اطفال قبل النوم

The story saved meقصة انقذوني

كان طفل كثير الكذب سواء في الجد او المزاح وفي يوم كان يسبح بجوار شاطيء البحر وتظاهر بانه سيغرق 
ظل الطفل ينادي اصحابه 
انى اغرق 
فجري زملاؤه اليه لينقذوه 
فاذا به يضحك لانه خدعهم 
وفعل معهم ذلك اكثر من مره 
وفي احدى هذه المرات ارتفع الموج وكاد الطفل ان يغرق 
فاخذ ينادي ويستنجد باصحابه
لكنهم ظنوا انه يكذب عليهم كعادته 
فلم يلتفتوا اليه
ثم اسرع احد الناس نحوه وانقذه
فقال الطفل لاصحابه بعد ان  شكر من انقذه 
لقد عاقبني الله على كذبي عليكم
ولن اكذب بعد اليوم
ومن بعدها لم يعد هذا الطفل الى الكذب مرة اخرى بعدما تأكد تماما 
ان الكذب يعود دوما على صاحبه بالشر

A child was very lying, whether in grandpa or joking, and on the day he was swimming by the sea and pretending that he would drown
The child kept calling out to his friends
Save me
I'm drowning
His colleagues ran to him to save him
So if he laughs, he deceived them
And he did it with them more than once
On one of these times the waves rose and the child almost drowned
So he called and asked his friends for help
But they thought he was lying to them as usual
They did not pay attention to him
Then someone rushed towards him and saved him
The child said to his friends after he thanked those who saved him
God punished me for lying to you
I will not lie anymore
After that, this child never went back to lying again after he was completely confirmed
Lying always belongs to its owner with evil
 And his mourning, his mourning, left the sweet and sweet, not dead

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