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قصص اطفال جديدة - فلافيلو

 قصص اطفال جديدة - فلافيلو

يحكى ان 

طلب فلافيلو من امه ان يذهب الى بحيرة الغابة ليلعب مع اصدقائه ويمرح ويعود بسرعه 

وافقت الام على خروج فلافيلو ونبهت عليه ان لا يبتعد حتى لا يتوه في الغابة الواسعة فقال لها فلافيلو لا تخافي على ياامي فانا كبرت 

خرج فلافيلو وهو سعيد يجري ويمرح في الغابة والاشجار من حوله وباقي الحيوانات تلاعبه وتداعبه لصغر سنه الى ان وصل الى البحيرة الجميلة وقد اقبل الليل 

عندما رأى فلافيلو ماء البحيرة ظل يلعب بالماء ويلاعب اصدقائه ويضع الماء في ذلومته ويرميه عليهم وهم سعداء بذلك

نسى فلافيلو كلام امه بان يعود بسرعه وظل يلعب الى غروب الشمس وكانت الحيوانات والطيور قد غادرو المكان الا هو

اراد فلافيلو العودة الى المنزل بعد يوم جميل قضاه مع اصدقائه ولكنه ضل الطريق ولم يجد من يرشده الى طريق العودة وقد اقبل الليل 

جلس الفيل يبكى لانه لم يجد من يساعده للعوده الى البيت فرأه الدب الطيب وطلب من الحيوانات ان تساعده للوصول الى امه فتسلق السنجاب الشجرة وطارت العصافير في الجو والدب ظل يشمشم فيالارض حتى عرفو مكان منزله واخذ الى هناك

وعاد الفيل الى حضن امه مسرور وسعيد شكرت الام الدب والحيوانات التى ساعدت الفيل للوصول لامه سليما 

It is said that
Flavelo asked his mother to go to the forest lake to play with his friends and have fun and come back quickly

The mother agreed to Flavello's exit and warned him not to move away so that he would not get lost in the vast forest.

Flavilo came out happy running and frolicking in the forest and the trees around him and the rest of the animals playing with him and petting him for his young age until he reached the beautiful lake and the night came

When Falafilo saw the water of the lake, he kept playing with the water and playing with his friends, putting water in his ditch and throwing it at them, and they were happy with that
Flavello forgot his mother's words to come back quickly and kept playing until sunset and the animals and birds had left the place but him

Flavilo wanted to go home after a nice day spent with his friends, but he lost his way and couldn't find anyone to guide him on the way back, and the night came.

The elephant sat crying because he could not find anyone to help him to go home, so the good bear saw him and asked the animals to help him to reach his mother. The squirrel climbed the tree and the birds flew in the air and the bear kept sniffing in the ground

 until they knew the location of his house and took him there
The elephant returned to his mother's lap, pleased and happy. The mother thanked the bear and the animals that helped the elephant reach its mother safely

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