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قصص اطفال جديدة - قصة نجاتي النباتي

 قصص اطفال جديدة - قصة نجاتي النباتي

يحكى ان

كان نجاتي قطا صغيرا يعيش في حديقة مليئة بالطيور والحيوانات التى تحبه وبدأ نجاتي يتعلم فنون الصيد حتى صار بارعا في صيد  الطيور والحيوانات الصغيرة 

بعد فترة اكتشف نجاتي انه صار منبوذا من الطيور والحيوانات الكبيرة فلم يعودوا يحبونه وكان الصغار يهربون منه لانه يصطادهم وياكلهم 

شعر نجاتى بالحزن والاسى بسبب بعد اصدقائه عنه وراح يفكر يعيد حبهم له كما كان وهو صغير فتوصل الى حل لهذه المشكلة 

قرر نجاتى ان يكون قطا نباتيا يعيش على الخبز والنباتات والاعشاب الطبيعية ويمتنع عن مهاجمة الطيور والحيوانات ولا يأكل اللحوم ولا الاسماك

اعلن نجاتى قراره ذلك امام جميع الطيور والحيوانات في الحديقة، وكانت بين الحيوانات فارة صغيرة شريرة تعيش مع جدتها وتكره الحيوانات والطيور وتؤذيهم

انتهزت الفارة قرار نجاتى فكانت تسير امامه ليلا ونهارا في تكبر وخيلاء تغيظه وتضايقه بافعالها المستفزة ولم تكتف بذلك بل فعلت ما هو اكثر

كانت الفارة تخرج كل يوم الى الحديقة وتعيث فسادا فيها فتقتلع الزهور وتدمر الحشائش والنباتات التى كان يتغذى عليها القط نجاتى 

ولم تكتف الفارة الشريرة بذلك ايضا بل كانت اذا وجدت قطعة خبز او قطعة جبن ولا تريد اكلها تتبول عليها حتى لا يستفيد منها نجاتى ولا غيره من الحيوانات والطيور 

ذهب نجاتى الى جدة الفارة ليشتكى لها لكنه وجد ان جدتها العجوزة اشر من حفيدتها فما ان راته حتى شتمته وامسكت بالعصا وراحت تضربه بها بقوة وعنف

فعلت الفارة العجوزة الشريرة كل ذلك لانها كانت متأكده ان نجاتى لن يؤذيها وكما يقال في المثل من امن العقوبة اساء الادب

كان بامكان نجاتى ان يأكل الفاره العجوزة ويفترسها ولكنه لم يرض ان يفعل ذلك حفاظا على الوعد الذي وعده للطيور والحيوانات

اكتفى نجاتى بان يمنع الشر عن نسفه فدفع الفاره العجوزة بيديه فوقعت على الارض وارتطم رأسها بحجر فماتت فحزن نجاتى لموتها وترك المكان وانصرف

اكتشفت الفاره الصغيرة الشريرة موت جدتها فاشاعت في الحديقة ان نجاتى قتل جدتها عمدا فاجتمعت الحيوانات للتحقيق في الامر 

انتقل القرد ومن معه لمكان الحادث وعرف القرد بخبرته ان الفاره العجوزة هى التى كانت تعتدى بالعصا على نجاتى وانه كان يدافع عن نفسه فحكم ببراءة نجاتى

اخبر نجاتى الحيوانات بما تفعله الفاره الصغيرة الشريرة فسمحوا له ان يفارس من يعتدى علهي فهربت الفاررة من الحديقة وعاش نجاتى مع اصدقائه في امن وسعادة

It is said that
Necati was a small cat living in a garden full of birds and animals that loved him, and Najati began to learn the arts of hunting until he became proficient in hunting birds and small animals.

After a while, Necati discovered that he had become an outcast of birds and large animals, and they no longer loved him, and the young people were running away from him because he hunted them and ate them.

Najati felt sad and sad because of his friends' distance from him and started to think about returning their love for him as he was when he was young, so he reached a solution to this problem
Najati decided to be a vegetarian cat that lives on bread, plants and natural herbs and refrains from attacking birds and animals and does not eat meat or fish

Necati announced his decision in front of all the birds and animals in the zoo, and among the animals was a small evil mouse who lived with her grandmother and hated the animals and birds and hurt them

The mouse took advantage of my decision to escape, so she walked in front of him day and night in arrogance and bragging rights and annoyed him with her provocative actions, and she was not satisfied with that, but rather did more.

The mouse went out every day to the garden and wreaked havoc in it, uprooting the flowers and destroying the weeds and plants that the cat was feeding on, Necati

And the evil mouse was not satisfied with that either, but if she found a piece of bread or a piece of cheese and did not want to eat it, she would urinate on it so that neither my survival nor other animals and birds would benefit from it.

Najati went to the grandmother of the mouse to complain to her, but he found that her elderly grandmother was worse than her granddaughter. As soon as she saw him, she insulted him and grabbed the stick and started beating him with force and violence.
The wicked old mouse did all this because she was sure that my survival would not harm her.

I could have survived to eat the old mouse and prey on it, but he did not want to do so in order to keep the promise he made to birds and animals.

My rescue was satisfied that he prevented evil from being blown up, so he pushed the old mouse with his hands, and she fell on the ground and hit her head with a stone, so she died, so my salvation was grieved for her death, and he left the place and left

The wicked little mouse discovered her grandmother's death, so it spread in the garden that Necati had deliberately killed her grandmother, so the animals gathered to investigate the matter.
The monkey and those with him moved to the scene, and the monkey knew with his experience that the old mouse was the one who attacked Nacati with a stick, and that he was defending himself, so he ruled innocence.

I told the animal survivors what the wicked little mouse was doing, so they allowed him to chase those who assaulted me, so the fugitive ran away from the garden, and my survival lived with his friends in safety and happiness.

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