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قصص - سلسلة عمار واصحابه الشطار - كن قويا الحلقة (5)

 قصص - سلسلة عمار واصحابه الشطار - كن قويا الحلقة (5)

يحكى ان 

حسن يعيش في اسرة مكونة من الاب والام واخته مريم ولكنه كان كسولا جدا في عمله وفي البيت ايضا كان يتسبب في غضب والديه فقد كان دائم الشجار مع اخته وكان والده يحاول ان يجعله ينتظم في الصلاة 

ويسمع كلام امه ويهتم بعمله ولكن دون فائدة ،وفي يوم من الايام نصحه والده وقال له : ياحسن ان الله هو الذى اعطانا كل النعم الماء والثمار واعطانا السمع والبصر والقوة فلماذا ياحسن لا تصلى حتى تشكر الله على هذا النعم؟

بقد كنت محبوبا من الجميع لكنك ستخسر هذا الحب ستخسر رضا الله ورضا ابيك وامك وكل من حولك وفي المزرعة جلس حسن حزينا يحدث نفسه ويقول : الى متى اظل هكذا اسبب المشاكل في البيت ولا انتظم في الصلاة 

لابد ان اتغير واصبح مثل صديقي عمار فهو ناجح في عمله ومحبوب من الجميع وقام حسن مسرعا وعندما بدأ يقلب في الزرع وجد الشجر الذى اهمله طويلا لونه شاحب واوراقه صفراء 

فقد اصابته الافات فقال في غضب: لم يعد هناك امل في الاصلاح ، انا فاشل وسأظل هكذا لا اصلح في شيء وفي غضب شديد اخذ يشد الاشجار يريد ان يقتلعها وبالفعل اقتلع ثلاث شجرات وبينما هو كذلك اذ سمع صوت عمار ينادى : ماذا تفعل ياحسن ؟

قال حسن : انا فاشل في كل شيء اشجار المزرعة اصيبت بالافات وفي البيت ايضا ابي وامى غير راضيين عنى، قال عمار : ياحسن اليأس ليس من اخلاق المسلمين 

فما ايسر ان نيأس ولكن النجاح ان نقهر اليأس ونصنع الامل ، تأثر حسن بكلام عمار وقال : نعم ياعمار لابد ان اتغير واصبح ناجحا ومحبوبا من الجميع اشكرك على هذه النصيحة ياعمار فانت نعم الصديق 

It is said that
Hassan lived in a family consisting of a father, mother and sister, Maryam, but he was very lazy in his work and at home as well, he was causing his parents' anger, as he was constantly quarreling with his sister and his father was trying to make him pray regularly

He hears the words of his mother and cares about his work, but without benefit, and one day his father advised him and said to him: It is good that God is the one who gave us all the blessings, water and fruits, and gave us hearing, vision and strength, so why is it okay not to pray until you thank God for these blessings?

You have been loved by everyone, but you will lose this love. You will lose the satisfaction of God and the satisfaction of your father, your mother, and everyone around you. On the farm, Hassan sat sadly talking to himself and saying: How long will I stay like this, cause problems at home and do not organize in prayer

I have to change and become like my friend Ammar, he is successful in his work and loved by everyone. Hassan rose quickly and when he began to turn over the planting, he found the trees that he had long neglected were pale in color and had yellow leaves.

He was struck by the pest, so he said in anger: There is no longer hope for reform, I am a failure and I will remain like this, I am not right in anything and in great anger he started pulling the trees wanting to uproot them and he actually uprooted three trees and while he is like this when he heard Ammar’s voice calling: What are you doing, Hassan?

Hassan said: I am a failure in everything. The trees in the farm were hit by pests. In the house too, my father and my mother are not satisfied with me. Ammar said: Good despair is not part of the morals of Muslims

How easy it is for us to despair, but success is to vanquish despair and make hope. Hassan was influenced by Ammar’s words and said: Yes, Ammar, I must change and become successful and loved by everyone. Thank you for this advice Ya Amar, so you are the friend.

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