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قصص اطفال قبل النوم - قصة الامير والرجل والفقير

 قصص اطفال قبل النوم 

قصة الامير والرجل والفقير 

يحكى ان

حكايتنا عن امير يعشق فعل الخير ، لا يفرق بين الناس غنى مثل فقير ويمشى في الاسواق يلبس لباس الفقراء 

يراقب الاسعار ويرفض الغلاء والى فقير الحال يساعده بالمال ومن ظلم او جار او رفع الاسعار يفضحه بين التجار 

اقرأ ايضاقصة محراث العمدة

في يوم من الايام قابل فقيرا غلبان بيبكي ويشكى حاله ومن يرجع ماله ؟ سمع الامير شكواه وصرخ وقال : الله

وزاد عليه الفقير ان له ابناء لا مسكن لهم ولا يجدوا الغطاء وهو فقير الحال وليس لديه مال يعيش في الخلاء في حر الصيف وفي برد الشتاء 

سأله عن المكان وبسرعه على العنوان وتأكد من مظلمته والحق ظهر وبان لكن خصمه عنيد وغنى قوى شديد

دخل عليه الامير متخفي بالتأكيد وقال له : الظلم حرام ، لكن الظالم قال : مالك على سؤال ورفض كلام الخير ورد الاموال

وفجأة حدث تغيير لما عرف انه الامير وكان جزاءه السجن ورد المال للفقير والظالم اخذ عقابه وكان عبره للغير

وارسل في الاسواق مناديا يقول : عاجل لكل ظالم الظلم لن يطول ومن ظلم العباد فليترك البلاد او يقبل السداد وهذا مرسوم من امير البلاد

It is said that
Our story is about a prince who loves to do good, does not differentiate between people. Richness is like a poor and walks in the markets wearing the clothes of the poor

He monitors prices and rejects the high prices, and to the poor, he helps him with money.

One day, he met a poor, defiant, crying and complaining about his condition, and who returns his money? The prince heard his complaint and shouted and said: God

The poor person added to him that he has children who do not have housing and cannot find cover, and he is poor and has no money to live in the open in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter.

He asked him about the place and quickly at the address and made sure of his darkness, and the truth appeared and banned, but his opponent is stubborn and he sang very strong
The prince entered him in disguise for sure and told him: Injustice is forbidden, but the oppressor said: You have a question and refused to speak good and return the money

Suddenly there was a change in what he knew to be the prince, and his penalty was imprisonment, and the money was returned to the poor, and the unjust took his punishment, and he was through it to others

And he sent in the markets a caller saying: Urgent for every oppressor, injustice will not last, and whoever oppresses the servants, let him leave the country or accept payment.

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