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قصص - قصة العلم نور

 قصة العلم نور 

لتحميل القصه 


يحكى ان
في قرية العم عدنان تم الاعلان عن بدء افتتاح فصول محو الامية لتعليم الفلاحين ، فرح الفلاحون بهذا الاعلان واسرعوا بتسجيل اسمائهم للتعليم في هذه الفصول 
اسرع العم عدنان مصطحبا قلمه وكراسته وذهب لصديقه مرزوق في حقله وقال له : هيا يامرزوق هيا نذهب لطلب العلم
فمن الان علينا ان نقسم وقتنا بين ارضنا وزراعتنا وبين التعلم ، فالعلم نور يامرزوق 
هز مرزوق رأسه شمالا ويمينا ونظر نظرة عميقة تجاه ارضه وقال : النور الحقيقي بالنسبه لى اراه عندما تخضر ارضي وتنضج ثمارها ويمتليء جيبي بالمال الوفير الذي لا يستطيع العلم جلبه لى ياعدنان

ذهب عدنان وحده الى فصول محو الامية ومرت الشهور والسنين واتقن عدنان القراءه والكتابة وتغيرت احواله ، فاصبحت ارضه تجلب له المزيد من المحصول بفضل اتباعه للاساليب العلمية في الزراعه بعدما اصبح يقرأ العديد من الكتب الزراعية 
بينما اصبح صديقه مرزوق يجني محصولا ضعيفا واضطر الى تأجير ارضه لجاره سعفان لمده عام ووقع له عقدا بهذا التأجير

وبعد مرور العام ذهب مرزوق لسعفان ليسترد ارضه ففوجيء بسعفان يقول له : اتريد ان تخرجني من ارضي ؟ لقد اشتريتها منك العام الماضي وهذا عقد منك بهذا !

فزع مرزوق فزعا كبيرا واسرع الى صديقه عدنان يخبره بما حدث ، فجاء عدنان وقرأ العقد بنفسه وارتسم على وجهه الحزن الشديد وقال له : لقد خدعك يامرزوق فقد
 بصمت على العقد دون ان تدرى انك تبيع له ارضك 
حزن مرزوق حزنا شديدا وقال: ياليتني قبلت نصيحتك ياعدنان وذهبت معك للتعلم فان الجهل لم يجلب لى سوى الفقر

In the village of Uncle Adnan, the start of literacy classes was announced to teach peasants, so farmers were happy with this announcement and hurried to register their names for education in these classes
Uncle Adnan hurried with his pen and notebook, and he went to his friend Marzouk in his field and said to him: Come on, Yammazuq, let's go to seek knowledge.
From now on we have to divide our time between our land and our agriculture and between learning, for science is the light of Yamzouk
Marzouq shook his head left and right and looked deeply at his land and said: The true light for me, I see it when my land turns green and its fruits ripen, and my pocket is filled with abundant money that knowledge cannot bring to me.
Adnan went alone to literacy classes, months and years passed, and Adnan mastered reading and writing, and his conditions changed, so his land brought him more crops thanks to his followers of scientific methods in agriculture after he read many agricultural books
While his friend Marzouq was reaping a poor harvest and had to rent his land to his neighbor Saffan for a year, and he signed a contract with this lease.
And after the year had passed, Marzouq went to Saafan to reclaim his land, so he was surprised by Saffan telling him: Do you want to get me out of my land? I bought it from you last year and this is a contract from you!
Marzouq was very frightened and rushed to his friend Adnan to tell him what had happened, so Adnan came and read the contract himself, and he was very sad and said to him: You have been deceived, Yarmazuq, for silently on the contract without knowing that you are selling your land to him.
Marzouq was very sad and said: I wish I accepted your advice, help us, and went with you to learn. Ignorance brought me nothing but poverty.
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