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قصة الملك مندور بحكم الغابة مسرور The story of King Mandour, by virtue of the forest, is delighted (1)قصص اطفال قبل النوم

قصص اطفال 
قصة الملك مندور بحكم الغابة مسرور
The story of King Mandour, by virtue of the forest, is delighted

تدور احداث هذه القصة الجميلة داخل الغابة الكبيرة التى تمتليء بالحيوانات والوحوش الخطيرة ، بعد ان مات ملك الغابة الاسد الكبير 
خيم الحزن على الجميع وتفرق في هذا الوقت كل القطيع 
فقد كان جميع الحيوانات يحبونه ويتمنون رضاه ويخشونه
لانه كان يعدل بين الجميع 
لا يفرق بين احد واحد 
ولا يظلم احدا من الحاضرين او الغائبين 
ويوم موته اختفى ابنه شديد وهو قوى وشديد 
لا يدري احد من الحيوانات احى شديد ام مات 
وان كان اختفي ..فأين ولماذا اختفى ؟
ان شديد اسد محب للخير وكاره للشر يحب حكم ابيه العادل 
ولو اصبح مكانه لكان خير عادل 
وتولى الحكم ابن عمه مندور وهو اسد كله كبر وغرور 
لا يحبه احد ولكن الجميع ارغموا على قبوله بعد موت الكبير واختفاء الشديد 
اصبح حال الغابة يسوء بعد ان كثرت الاعتداءات 
واصبح كل حيوان معرضا للقتل والسرقات 
اخذ حكام القضاء في الغابة يتأملون 
وقالوا ان عودة الامان اصبح محالا 
ولكنهم اخذوا يفكروا في اى مخرج من هذا السلوك البغيض 
وانتهت افكار القضاه الثلاثه
الفيل والدب والنمر 
بأحد الحلول وهو الذهاب الى الملك الجديد مندور 
فبكلامهم معه لن يستطيع ان يلف او يدور 
وذهبوا ومعهم بعض الحيوانات الكبيرة الى الملك مندور 
وهو بحكم الغابة مسرور حاول ان يداري غضبه لمجيئهم واسرع يسألهم عن طلبهم 
قال له القاضي النمر: لقد ساء حال الغابة وانتشرت فيها الكآبه 
وجئنا اليك لتذيع وتنادي بعودة الامن والامان ليمتليء قلب كل حيوان بالحب والحنان 
وقال القاضي الفيل : لابد ان يكون عالمنا مثل عالم الانسان الذي يحب الخير لاخيه ويعيش معه في سلام 

The events of this beautiful story revolve within the big jungle, which is filled with dangerous animals and monsters, after the jungle king, the great lion, died.

Sadness fell on everyone and at this time all the flock was scattered

All the animals loved him, wished for his satisfaction, and feared him

Because it was fair among all

It does not differentiate one from one

No one is unfair to the present or absent

On the day of his death, his strong son disappeared, he was strong and severe

Does not know of any of the animals live alive or died

And if he had disappeared, where and why did he disappear?

Shadid is a lover of good and hates of evil. He loves his father’s just rule

If it had become his place, it would have been fair

And his cousin Mandur took over the rule, and he is a lion, all of it old and arrogant

No one loves him, but everyone was forced to accept him after the death of the great and the disappearance of the great

The forest became worse after the attacks increased

And every animal became exposed to killing and theft

Meditators in the woods contemplate

They said that the safety has returned

But they began to think about any way out of this abhorrent behavior

The ideas of the three judges ended

Elephant, bear and tiger

One of the solutions is to go to the new king Mandour

Talking to him, he will not be able to roll or spin

And they went with some big animals to King Mandour

By virtue of the jungle he is glad he tried to manage his anger for their coming and quickly asks them about their request

Judge Al-Nimr told him: The state of the forest worsened and gloom spread

We came to you to broadcast and call for the return of safety and security so that the heart of each animal is filled with love and affection

The judge said the elephant: Our world must be like the world of a man who loves good for his brother and lives with him in peace

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